Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Not utilizing Social Media Marketing as a part of your overall marketing plan is like not owning a store-front and trying to sell clothing 30 years ago.  There are so many things you can do with Social Media and so many ways you can benefit as a business owner.  In addition, social media marketing usually helps boost your other marketing efforts such as email marketing, SEO and can help lower some of those costs as well.

There are many benefits of Social Media Marketing including:

benefits of social media marketing

  • more exposure for your business
  • the ability to connect with potential clients
  • gaining valuable insight into the lives of your customers and their preferences,
  • a source of reputation management
  • an increase in organic search rank
  • a reference point for clients to see you in action or while interacting with other clients
  • influence
  • measurability

Social Media is a great way to gain quick and easy exposure for your products and services.  You can set-up a social media account within minutes and begin to reach out to others.  You can show off your products and services through social media and guide interested parties to your website.  You can blast out promotions, discounts and special offers to your social media community and they can easily pass them on to their friends or followers at no cost to you.

Certain social media platforms can actually increase your organic search rank which will inherently bring down your cost of pay-per-click or other forms of paid online advertising.

You may choose to use social media to see what your followers like or do not like about your products or services or you may even be able to find out about things or services that they are interested in that you don’t offer – then you can  add these items to your list of products and services.

In addition, certain aspects of social media marketing are measurable.  In your Google Analytics reports your social media visits show up as referrals and you can track what social media platforms work the best for your business.

Some of the more popular social media platforms today include:

Depending on the type of business you own, one or more of these platforms may be a good fit for you.

We specialize in Social Media Marketing and have been able to produce great results on all of these platforms.

Contact us to find out more about successfully marketing your business so that you can reap the benefits of social media marketing with one of our plans customized for your business!

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