Google AdWords –Simple Ways to Outperform your Competitors

With the sea of paid ads showing up on Google, the bidding competition is fierce for popular search terms within Google AdWords.  Advertisers must do something to make themselves stand apart, or they could either get no clicks or worse yet, pay for clicks without any conversions. Many of the ways to enhance an AdWords campaign are time consuming; however…

Simple things a Website Needs to be Successful

The way your website is setup and designed can make the difference between a successful or not so successful online business.

Elements that are important to website design and development include:

Site speed – fast loading pages
Navigation (should be prominent and logical)
Usability (meaning your site is easy for visitors to use)

No broken links
Minimal scroll (never make users scroll horizontally)

Relevance (consistency with your…

Google Places for Business

One of the easiest ways to get your business listed on Google is with Google Places for Business.

Google Places for Business which is now being upgraded to “Google My Business” has lots of options when it comes to optimizing your listing or listings. Some of these options include the ability to add:

Business hours
Location – Map locator
Business description and choice of category


Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Not utilizing Social Media Marketing as a part of your overall marketing plan is like not owning a store-front and trying to sell clothing 30 years ago.  There are so many things you can do with Social Media and so many ways you can benefit as a business owner.  In addition, social media marketing usually helps boost your other marketing…