Google AdWords –Simple Ways to Outperform your Competitors

Google AdWords –Simple Ways to Outperform your Competitors

With the sea of paid ads showing up on Google, the bidding competition is fierce for popular search terms within Google AdWords.  Advertisers must do something to make themselves stand apart, or they could either get no clicks or worse yet, pay for clicks without any conversions. Many of the ways to enhance an AdWords campaign are time consuming; however there are several surprisingly simple things you can do to make your ads stand apart from your competitors’ ads and get the clicks you need to help your business.

Make your ad text closely match your search terms.

It’s so easy to set up an AdWords campaign and lump many keywords together with just a few ads. This is a mistake many people make. You can be much more targeted in your approach by setting up many different ad groups, and have an ad that closely matches each one of your keywords. By having many ad groups and closely related ads, your ads will show up as relevant, and people will be assured of being directed to a place where they will find exactly what they are looking for. Go even a step further by putting your keywords in the ad title and within the ad itself.

Include actual prices in your ads.

For some reason, it’s scary to put your pricing out in an ad for all to see. That must be why it’s rare to find prices within Google AdWords ads. By putting your prices in your ads, you provide potential customers something concrete and real to hold onto, and if they like your pricing, you have a much more qualified lead than a searcher who clicked without knowing your pricing at all.

Give away something of value in your ad.

Sometimes you will see an offer for a free demo or a free product trial within an AdWords ad. But when was the last time you saw an offer that totally gripped your attention, so much that you simply could not resist clicking on the ad? Providing searchers with something they really want or can actually benefit from is a great way to make yourself stand out from your competitors.

Quit using your company name in your ad title.

Many people think that the ad title is a perfect place to put their company name. The problem with this logic is that if somebody was interested in seeing your company name, they would already be at your site, or they would have typed in your name instead of what they are searching for. Give the searchers what they are looking for by including the search term in the ad title instead of your company name, and you may just get a leg up on the competition.

Trying something new or different from everyone else can be daunting, but these days it’s the perfect way to set yourself apart from the sea of other ads you potential customers are seeing. Implement one of these simple changes today and you might be amazed how such a small change can make such a big difference in your AdWords campaigns.

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