Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization influences your rankings in search engines and can make or break your business and effect whether or not you reach your business goals.

As business owners we all have certain goals we’d like to accomplish.  Many times these goals include: more traffic to our website, ranking on the first page of major search engines, better results from our website such as more purchases or phone calls from potential clients, or we may simply wish to increase our ROI or the visibility of our brand and we just aren’t sure how to do that.  Search engine optimization or SEO done the right way can help you reach your business goals.  The differences between good and bad SEO are as follows:

Great Search Engine Optimization:

  • Is handled by a SEO expert
  • Is White-hat SEO and not black -hat SEO – (black hat could have your site banned from search engines)
  • Handled by someone you can understand and communicate with when needed
  • Takes time and effort
  • May require revamping your existing website
  • Is affordable search engine optimization

Bad Search Engine Optimization:

  • Is handled by someone who isn’t a SEO expert
  • Is black-hat SEO which includes:  building irrelevant micro-sites to link back to your main site, submissions to irrelevant, spammy or outdated directories, cloaking text, etc.
  • Is handled by someone whom you can easily communicate with, who understands your goals and your market and who has a decent command of  your client’s or customer’s primary language
  • Is thrown on top of a bad website – which means clients will visit your site due to SEO or PPC efforts and still decide not to purchase or complete your desired call-to-action
  • Is not affordable Search Engine Optimization

Customized SEO packages

All of our SEO services are customized to fit your business needs because no two businesses needs or goals are the same.

Our SEO Services include:

  • Link building
  • Keyword research
  • Content and article writing
  • Website analysis and recommendations
  • Monthly report of results

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